What to Bring


_MG_9810Preparation for the desert may seem intimidating.  However, with a little thought, being ready is no problem.  Temperature in Wadi Rum can vary dramatically from day to night.  Winters can be quite cold and summers  very hot.  However, no matter the season, the sun is bright and sunburns are common.  Be sure to bring protection from the sun.  Sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen.  As well as toiletries for the dry weather.  Water bottles and lotion are extremely valuable and will make your entire trip more comfortable.  Additionally, as the sandy deserts have winds at times, a scarf is always helpful to protect your face.  Good hiking shoes are important.  If you love scrambling on rocks, bring sturdy hiking shoes, which will be helpful with the desert sands as well.  If the sand is all you came for and plan on walking on the valley or spending your days on the back of a camel, canvas shoes with flexible soles are most comfortable.  Also valuable when needing to leave the tent at night for a moment or spending time around the campfire. Plenty of blankets and campfires will be provided, but you may want a sleeping bag and jacket  even in summer and thermals during the winter.  We have a generator which we turn on for a few hours at night for cooking and charging camera batteries, but a torch is very important, as there are no lights in the tents.  We also have hot showers to clean up after long days of hiking, but be sure to bring a towel.  Other items to be considered include cash, because there are no ATMs nor credit card machines, as well as snacks for hiking and, of course, a camera.



Our Partners


Our camp at Wadi Rum is just one of our many camps and locations throughout Jordan.  We have a selection of other tour options and accommodation available within the country.  With our headquarters in Petra, we are centrally located in the heart of Jordan, allowing tours to begin and end in any location you desire.  Whether it is walking from Petra to Aqaba or spending a few nights in historical Petra in a bed and breakfast as a getaway, we can find a great option for your traveling needs.

Please check out our partner Petra Caravan Tours for more accommodations and tours throughout the country.

One afternoon in Wadi Rum Caravan Camp.

Booking Options


During your visit we offer a variety of tour options.  Whether you just want a place to sleep or want an extensive plan involving guides and Jeeps, we can accommodate your needs easily and affordably   Making your trip complete, allowing you to just show up stress free.
We can arrange camel, donkey, or horse tours if your preference is by live transit.  If you prefer cruising around the dunes at a faster pace, we can also arrange Jeep tours.
Whether you decide on a “donkey taxi” or want to walk by foot, we can arrange a guide for you.  A guide specific to your adventuring needs, if a hike or a climb.  And no matter what you decide you want to do, once arriving at Wadi Rum Caravan Camp, we have box lunches for you to take along your journey.
Please refer to the different prices below to custom design your trip.  And if you have any questions, please contact us.
  • 1 night with dinner and breakfast (HB basis): 30 JD per person/40 JD single
  • 1 night on HB basis + 2 hours Jeep Tour: 60 JD per person/80 JD single
  • 1 night on HB basis + Full day Jeep Tour: 85 JD per person/105 JD single
  • Each additional hour on a jeep tour: 10 JD
  • Add a 2 hour Camel tour starting from the village: 25 JD per person
  • Add a Full day Camel tour starting from the village: 35 JD per person
  • Add a Bedouin trekking guide for 1 Full day: 40 JD
  • Light box lunch: 7 JD per person
  • Taxi from Petra to Wadi Rum:40 JD
  • Taxi from Aqaba to Wadi Rum: 30 JD
If there is a group coming for multiple days, please contact us and we can arrange a more specific tour and give you a price for your entire trip.
Tips and the 5 JD entrance fee is not included in any of these prices.

Wadi Rum Caravan Camp



Located right near Jabal Khazali, we are Bedouins who want to share our hospitality with you at Wadi Rum Caravan Camp.  With our nomadic roots, we understand and respect nature, striving to protect it as we enjoy it.  We are famous for our hospitality, in which you will enjoy a comfortable stay with us and delicious traditional food.  For each night you visit, you will be provided with a place to stay as well as dinner and breakfast.  A boxed lunch is provided for an addition JD5 so you can spend the day hiking around the area.
An evening buffet of traditional Bedouin salads, hummus, pita bread, fruit, and barbecue.

An evening buffet of traditional Bedouin salads, hummus, pita bread, fruit, and barbecue.


Wadi Rum Caravan Camp is a large campsite that can accommodate groups of any size.  We have 18 permanent tents, with two beds each.  We have more tents which we can set up near the camp if you prefer to get away from the group.  Or, if you enjoy looking at the endless night sky, you are welcome to sleep outside.  Sleeping bags are encouraged, but we do have blankets as well to provide for you.
Inside the camp we have a kitchen in which we prepare traditional Bedouin meals.  From magluba and mansaf, to Bedouin barbecue, you will get to taste our culture and our sweet tea around the fire or in our large common tent.  This common tent has places to sit as well as a table for the nightly buffet.  Outside we have a large fire and benches for sitting, singing, and dancing.  Additionally, we have a bathroom with hot water, 4 toilets and 4 showers.  You will need to bring your own towel, as we do not have any at the camp.  At night we turn on a generator for a couple of hours, giving light to the kitchen and bathroom, also allowing you to charge electronic devices or anything you need.  However, you will need a torch beyond this time if you need anything at night.
During the day you are welcome to wander around the desert as you choose.  We can help give you recommendations of good directions to hike, as well as arrange Jeep or camel tours, and guides for hiking or climbing.

Wadi Rum


                                                                                       With towering cliffs and mountains over 1,750m high, Wadi Rum is a unique and unforgettable place in Jordan.  Whether a serious backpacker, rock climber, or just a casual desert stroller, there are many places to visit and landscapes to witness.  Canyons and waterholes sinking into the valley floor of red rocks and redder sand.  If trekking is not your interest, there are many Jeep tours as well as camels and horses to tour the desert.  As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can find rock drawings from 4,000 years ago amongst the granite and sandstone which has been eroding and shaping the jabals for even longer.  Amongst the beautiful landscape, there are other sites to be seen such as the Burdah Rock Bridge, a natural arch which is 35m high.  Being 720sq km, there is plenty to see, places to explore, and rocks to climb.
With hot summers and winters where snow is not uncommon, March-May and October-November are the best times to visit.  In the spring you get the wildflowers, coating the desert floor with seas of yellows, oranges, and purples.  Fall you get the cool air winter promises without the rain and snow.  However, anytime, with proper preparation, can be enjoyed in Wadi Rum.



Preserving the natural beauty, Wadi Rum is a protected area, without many amenities.  What you bring from Rum Village outside and what the camps provide is what you have.  This makes the Bedouin camps throughout Wadi Rum valuable resources, helping the travelers to stay as long as they choose.  Being a protected area, however, there is an entrance fee.  Currently it is JD5 while children under 12 are free.  There is speculation that the price will rise up to 8JD in the future, but currently the price is JD5 and each vehicle is JD5.


_MG_9861 Coming from just about anywhere in Jordan, Wadi Rum is accessible through many local and tourist buses.  Additionally taxis can be hired to the area.  Taxis can range between 20-40 JD from Aqaba and from Petra 25-45 JD.  Local buses are cheaper, but the times and frequency vary.  If coming from Amman, you will have to go through Petra to get to Wadi Rum and make a transfer to another bus, which may not be leaving until the next day.  There is one luxury JETT bus leaving Amman and going directly to Wadi Rum.  It currently is JD40 and only leaves Amman at 15:00 every Thursday and returns on Friday at 19:00.  However, please see the JETT website for more details about this service as well as buses throughout Jordan.  If you are staying in Petra, many hotels can help arrange a bus or driving service to Wadi Rum.  Renting a car is always an easy option to get around Jordan and to Wadi Rum, however, if you do this, you will have to park the car at the Visitors Center for the duration of your visit.  The visitors center is about 5km from Wadi Rum Caravan Camp.  If you reserve a place before arriving, we will have someone come to pick up your luggage, allowing you to hike to the camp, or drive you to start your adventure at the camp itself.