Booking Options


During your visit we offer a variety of tour options.  Whether you just want a place to sleep or want an extensive plan involving guides and Jeeps, we can accommodate your needs easily and affordably   Making your trip complete, allowing you to just show up stress free.
We can arrange camel, donkey, or horse tours if your preference is by live transit.  If you prefer cruising around the dunes at a faster pace, we can also arrange Jeep tours.
Whether you decide on a “donkey taxi” or want to walk by foot, we can arrange a guide for you.  A guide specific to your adventuring needs, if a hike or a climb.  And no matter what you decide you want to do, once arriving at Wadi Rum Caravan Camp, we have box lunches for you to take along your journey.
Please refer to the different prices below to custom design your trip.  And if you have any questions, please contact us.
  • 1 night with dinner and breakfast (HB basis): 30 JD per person/40 JD single
  • 1 night on HB basis + 2 hours Jeep Tour: 60 JD per person/80 JD single
  • 1 night on HB basis + Full day Jeep Tour: 85 JD per person/105 JD single
  • Each additional hour on a jeep tour: 10 JD
  • Add a 2 hour Camel tour starting from the village: 25 JD per person
  • Add a Full day Camel tour starting from the village: 35 JD per person
  • Add a Bedouin trekking guide for 1 Full day: 40 JD
  • Light box lunch: 7 JD per person
  • Taxi from Petra to Wadi Rum:40 JD
  • Taxi from Aqaba to Wadi Rum: 30 JD
If there is a group coming for multiple days, please contact us and we can arrange a more specific tour and give you a price for your entire trip.
Tips and the 5 JD entrance fee is not included in any of these prices.